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Sat, 5 Jan 2019 13:26:42 +0000
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  Happy New Year to you also. 

  I am sorry but I need to push back a little here. Back in 2018, you said very directly on this list that I was "no philosopher." Now you are claiming that you are a "psychologist"? Let's just say I am glad you put scare quotes around that term.  In addition, since you often adopt an approach that my friend Edward Kroger would call an "Inflated A" position (i.e., a dominant, competitive, I-know-more-than-you approach), prior to proceeding, I need to make clear that I have seen the language game that you use. All the time, you make claims such as "Digital is Memory"..."Television is Fantasy" and so forth. If memory serves, you at one point said on your list that "story telling is Electric" and thus humans did not start telling stories until the 1850s. My point here is that your critique/questioning of these concepts is framed in a way seems to imply that you have a language system that is free from ambiguity. And, of course, both of us know nothing could be further from the truth. 

  With that said, if you are still seriously interested in how I conceptualize information and energy and other foundational terms, I am happy to discuss it with you. However, I am not going to enter into a "debate" with an implicit set up that you already know the answers.  Since we are both "psychologists," I am sure you can appreciate the need and utility for calling the relational influence field for what it is.


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Happy New Year (yes, 2019 is going to be a *big* one) . . . !!

As you know, in addition to being a "psychologist," I'm also a "computer architect."  So, I'm familiar with both the human psyche and how computers actually work.  And my conclusion is that "information processing" is a very problematic metaphor in both cases.

What is "information"?  What does it mean to "process" it?  None of that is clear.

There is no simple or agreed-upon answer to these questions.   
"Information" has become a substitute for "energy" (which, in turn, has many of its own problems) -- as "data" becomes the "new oil."  If the ToK System is going to use this metaphor, then I suspect that some careful analysis is needed.

If this is a "word-game," then what do these words mean and, crucially, what don't they mean (references, controversies, conundrums seriously needed) . . . ??


Quoting "Henriques, Gregg - henriqgx" <[log in to unmask]>:

> Hi All,
>   First, happy new year!
>   These are really important conversations. See attached ppt for how 
> the ToK/Garden approaches this issue. It makes two key points.
> First, “digital” is MAJOR because it represents externalized (i.e., 
> outside human behavior) information processing and communication 
> systems. In the ontology of the ToK, novel information 
> processing/communication systems give rise to MAJOR transitions in the 
> wave of behavior (i.e., genetics-Life; neurons-Mind; 
> language-Culture—now digital is happening and we are starting to see 
> the emergence of a new dimension).
> Second, the ToK/Garden hopes for a synthesis between digital and 
> wisdom philosophies, and offers a version of what such a wisdom 
> philosophies might realistically be. I have called it “MetaCulture”
> and envision a sort of “World Sensorium” (Oliver Reiser’s 1958 term) 
> of a higher/meta self-to-global consciousness that involves a healthy 
> symbiotic relationship between human persons and the digital sphere.
> Best,
> Gregg


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