I apologize for sending a FTC/VEX email to FLL groups, but I thought
some of you with older students/team members would like to see this. It
was posted on the GA FLL group list.
Grant Imahara VEXplorer Robot Challenge

Yes, that's the Grant Imahara, http://www.myspace.com/grantimahara of
Mythbusters. "Students age 14 and up can apply to be one of 25
contestants who will receive free VEXplorer,
http://www.revell.com/VEXplorer.275.0.html kits for use in the contest,

The object is to create an interesting, unique application using just
the components that come in the kit. Contest rules require posting of
entries on YouTube. The
top winner will receive a $5,000 scholarship fund, 2nd place a $2,000
scholarship, and (10) runner-ups will get $200 gift certificates to

Any who wish to enter will first need to email a short description of
their design concept-Grant Imahara and Robot magazine will pick the 25
contestants from these applications by March 24, and the winners will be
picked by Grant Imahara himself in early June- they will be announced in
the September-August 2008 issue of Robot magazine."

Please pass this information on to your students who might be interested
in this opportunity.

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