The RoboCup US open will be in Pittsburgh May 24-27. See the email
Also, my wife and I attended the educators conference last year. It was
pretty educational and fun.
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May 2008


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RoboCup USOpen

As many of you probably already know, the RoboCup USOpen will be this
weekend, May 24-27, 2008, at the 

Carnegie Science Center (CSC)
One Allegheny Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

We have four events: AIBO robot soccer, small-size robot soccer, nano
robot soccer, and humanoids NAO robot demonstration. Please see
<>  for the list
of teams.

The planned schedule (subject to change) is below. Video of the event
will be posted at CMU Robotics Academy
soon. We hope you will be able to attend!

	Manuela Veloso (CMU) and Tucker Balch, Georgia Tech, 



Saturday, May 24th, CSC open 10am-7pm 

All the teams will be setting up and there are no real demos or games.
Instead we will have videos running all day long and the public can see
our setting up (calibration, etc). We are planning also on having
(unscheduled) practice games in the afternoon as teams become ready.

Sunday and Monday, May 25th and 26th, CSC open 10am-5pm

We will have demos and games throughout both days (which have the same
schedule, listed below):

	10:30 - AIBO game
	11:00 - Small-size demo/game
	11:30 - AIBO game
	12:00 - Nano demo
	12:30 - AIBO game
	1:00 - Small-size demo/game
	1:30 - Humanoid NAO demo
	2:00 - Nano demo
	2:30 - AIBO game
	3:00 - Small-size demo/game
	3:30 - Humanoid NAO demo
	4:00 - Nano demo
	4:30 - AIBO game

Tuesday, May 27th, CSC open 10am-5pm 

	10:30 - 3rd - 4th place AIBO game
	11:00 - Small-size final game
	11:30 - Last Humanoid NAO demo or/and Nano demo 12:00 - Final
1st-2nd place AIBO game


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