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Resource Update from TechBrick: New JrFLL/FLL Resources
1. NEW! JrFLL:We've posted lots of cool posters and other items for you to use for JrFLL Expos. You can download them or purchase printed copies from TechBrick.  Plan now for your JrFLL Expo.
2. NEW! JrFLL: Our state JrFLL site has a number of good FAQs and summaries for the 2008-09 season. Plan on adding JrFLL to your FLL program and help train the next generation. Please feel free to copy this material to your local JrFLL info pages and let's make JrFLL the fastest growing program for 2008-09. Use the link below for our MD general 2008-09 info. Clone it and the FAQs for your state.
3. FLL:  As we indicated previously, we have lots of great resources for planning and strategy. These have already been downloaded by 1000's of teams globally (see attached map from a recent 6 hour window). We'll have scoring sheets and other materials on the site within hours of the challenge release so be sure to register for updates. Meanwhile, consider buying the printed version of the assembly instructions. They look great, come double-sided (saving 60 sheets of paper), and are three-hole drilled. My 9-year old poured over them trying to figure out what the challenge will be.
4. Team Tips: If you haven't looked at our Team Tips page take a few minutes. We provide info for new teams, making clothes, and suggested activities and more!
5. NEW! Do you Love the FLL Programs? Get bags and mugs with a combination of all ten FLL challenges and items with just Climate Connections. See samples attached. Follow the link below to purchase them and other items.
6. Need Help Starting Your FLL Team: Lastly, if you are a new FLL team and would like some real-world advice, we can do occasional 45-minute online meetings for groups for 3-15. If you're interested just drop me an email. All you need is a phone and broadband internet connection. Lunch is on us (virtually that is).
Thank you to all the sites that have linked to us. You can see some of them here:
If you've linked to us and you are not on the list please let me know.
Ready for a great season? We are raring to go...

// Marco
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