Hello Sean,


I am one of the two head referees for the NOVA/Sterling tournament. The
question you raised regarding the use of a table or rolling cart at the
robot performance table is asked every year, and answered differently
depending on level of the competition, i.e., Regional, State, or World
tournament. The primary considerations are available space at and around
the tournament tables, and the logistics for teams to bring, setup, and
remove their cart from the competition area. In our venue there appears
to be available space; however, once you factor in teams anxiously
waiting their turn, spectators, and referees, space becomes limited.
Even more important is the timely and orderly flow of teams to and from
the competition tables in order to maintain a deterministic process that
keeps to the published schedule. Schedule slips significantly complicate
the judging schedule for all teams and can adversely affect a team's
performance. It is for these reasons that tables and carts are not
permitted at the World Festival tournament in Atlanta. Given that the
World tournament is the "Super Bowl" of FLL, teams should practice in
Regional and State tournaments using the same guidelines. 


Accordingly, tables and carts are not permitted in the competition area
at the Sterling tournament.


Teams can, however, utilize a storage bin that can be held by a team
member(s) behind the cheering line (2 feet) or placed beneath the
competition table for storage of attachments utilized during
competition. The storage bin should be relatively small (less than
18"x16"x12") and portable to facilitate its use.


Best of luck at the tournament!


Best regards,

George Gonzalez

Team Tiki - FTC #2859



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> Look in the "what to bring" section. There will be practice tables in
> the pit area.
> I hope it answers your question.

Actually, what I meant was a small folding table the boys could use for
housekeeping while they are at the Robot performance.


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