FLL Coaches and Teams,
I just want to take a few moments to remind teams of some rules and policies.
For the robot performance portion, please read/re-read the rules, missions and Q&A (www.firstlegoleague.org/community/fll/gameblog.aspx).  There have been some pretty significant changes to a few of the rules over past years so even experienced teams should read the rules.  The three issues that seem to be tripping up the teams the most are:
For the judging, please remember that the VA/DC FLL policy is that only 2 coaches (this means official coaches or mentors – not random parents) and 1 historian (one person who is actually taking pictures or recording) are allowed in the judging sessions.  This has already been announced twice over the listserv but please make sure that all parents on your team are aware of this.  This policy is for the entire state and will be enforced at all tournaments.  There is no requirement that coaches go in the judging room with the kids – just a limitation on the number allowed.
Also, please keep in mind that Gracious Professionalism applies to everyone at the tournament (team members, coaches, mentors, parents, spectators and volunteers).  Everyone involved in VA/DC FLL is a volunteer, from the judges and referees to all the the adults who coach/mentor the teams to all of the parents, and everyone wants to see these kids do the best that they can and have the most enjoyable experience that they can have.
None of the information in this email is new, it’s just a reminder.
Thanks and good luck to all teams that are competing next week and great job to all of the ones that competed this past weekend!
VA/DC FLL Head Referee (State Tournament)
Tournament Director (Newport News Regional Tournament)
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