Hello VADC FLL Coaches,


After hearing your feedback and checking with Scott Evans regarding the official FIRST position on boxes, tables, and carts at the competition table, the previous ruling has been reversed for the Sterling tournament. Accordingly, the following list clarifies the ruling on various issues raised via forum emails.


1.       Modest sized rolling carts or tables will be permitted at the competition tables provided they comply with the following:

a.       The setup and management of such table can be performed by the team members within the allocated setup time which is typically 1-2 minutes.

b.      The size and intended use of such table or cart does not disturb the competition process or access by the referees and other officials.

c.       Adequate space is available at and around the competition table to permit safe operation.

2.       Teams may utilize a modest sized box or container to hold attachments and strategic objects if held by one of the two team members at the table or placed on the floor either directly under or along the competition table so long as the container is visible to the referees throughout the event and the placement does not interfere with the competition process. A chair may be used to hold the container assuming it does not interfere with the competition.

3.       Attachments and strategic objects must be stored and maintained as follows:

a.       On the competition table,

b.      Held by the two team members at the competition table, or

c.       Using one of the storage methods stated above.


If, during practice rounds, your team's management of its box, table or cart impedes the flow of competition or fails compliance with the above guidelines, the head referee may disallow its use in subsequent rounds.  If you have any doubts about your solution, bring a suitable backup. (Thanks for the suggestion Stuart.) Hopefully, these guidelines assist your teams while providing a safe and efficient tournament.


Have fun at the tournament!


Best regards,

George Gonzalez

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