UNOFFICIAL COMMENT Veteran teams need to revisit and reread the new rules carefully. (Of course, everyone should read the rules at - What we used to be able to do in the past has been changed by the new housekeeping rule about handling the robot parts and mission sets at the table. While this change in the ruling seems at first a little unreasonable, I believe its intend is to keep everything visible to the referee and near the table. In the past, it was difficult for the referee and other volunteers to keep track of the mission parts and assorted team materials as they were handed out to team members waiting to work at the table. I, too, would like to see as many team members as possible involved at the table, but they will have to wait their turn at the table. It is a compromise we have had to accept graciously. It appears that the rule does allow the team to move the objects out of base and into a box, but it is important that any scoring objects needed in base be there at the end of the round. Here is that part of the rule regarding housekeeping. "Housekeeping rule - now requires Base-scoring objects to be in Base at the end of the match and it also rules that only the two team members at the table can hold objects." "Housekeeping Objects in Base not currently being moved or used by the robot are okay for you to shift partially out of Base, out of the way, as long this action is not strategic in any way. Objects may also be held in hand or in a box by one of the two team members at the table. Objects eligible to score in Base should be placed in Base when the match is over so the ref can score them. Team members not at the table may not hold competition objects of any type. "RULING 28 – Housekeeping/Competition Objects This is a reminder to veteran teams that the Housekeeping rule now requires all “Competition Objects” to be kept where the referee can see them, and not held by team members other than the two at the table. This includes the robot, its attachments & accessories, strategic objects, and all mission models." ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ To UNSUBSCRIBE or CHANGE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION, please visit and select "Join or leave the list". If you want to join the VADCFLL-ADMIN-L mailing list - to which FLL administrative announcements will be distributed - visit and select "Join or leave the list".