Dear VA DC FLL Community -
In the last couple of days I happend to be invited by truly wonderful teachers who run the FLL program to speak to team members, parents in the FLL meetings.
Each team either is buidling or has built the base robot, and field models, and they are excited and they want to work on the Challenge!
However, they don't have FLL tables, and teachers don't have resource to build a table.
Here is my makeshift solution -
The classroom floor or hallway floor are perfect surfaces to host the field mat - that's what we did during the meetings.
Only must-have parts of the table is the "board walls"!
Here is my proposal:
Dear teachers and school activity specialists - if you have the situation as I described, please voice your need to this list - call out for help! Without the "board walls" your team is in sevre disdvantage, you and your team deserve better!
Once people in this community is aware of your need, I am fully confident that they will step in to help!
The turneys is just about 2 to 3 weeks away, please take action immediately, eveyone!

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