According the the RULES -
• Attachments are defined as parts of your robot that are designed to be added and/or removed.

• Strategic objects are defined as team‐supplied objects which you or your robot may use as tools or aids.
• You may touch or use strategic objects *only in Base, but your robot may touch or use them anywhere.
• *Example: If you’re using a device to aim your robot, you need to either pull the device away or let go of it before your robot is allowed to start.
Watch the following youtube video closely. At the 26th second the robot detaches with the arm assembly that just completed "Stain-Resistant Fabric" mission, the arm assembly is left on the field and the robot moves on to execute next mission!!!
This the most amazing 06 Nanoquest Challenge Robot Game Execution in my opinion, perhaps it is the best of all time.
Questions -
Is the arm assembly an attachment? or is it a strategic object?
Would any advanced team build such detachable mechanism in this year's game?


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