Dear VADC FLLers:


I’ll entertain second "coaches' info session" in City of Fairfax Regional Library on Tuesday October 6 from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm. A meeting room has been reserved with capacity of 30+. Please check the library’s webpage for the location of the library -

Now many VADC FLL teams enter the “middle season” They may start the phase 2 of the project. The prototypes of the Lego robots for this year’s missions have been built and the programming is under way – everything is getting more and more exciting!

While the new coaches are more confident with handling the FLL activities, they may look for a space of relaxing the feet and exchanging ideas and brainstorming open questions with fellow coaches! If you are pounding with these thoughts, this Coaches' Info Session might be just for you!

While I am pleased with the communication / info exchange among the attendees, I will try running this workshop in more orderly fashion, especially at the first 2 hours.

If you will be able to answer the following questions, you are probably too advanced to gain extra benefit through this session. Otherwise, you will not be disappointed!

·         When you build, program a Lego robot to execute your game plan, what is the most important quality objective that you should always focus on so your robot can achieve a satisfactory performance (high mission scores, etc.)?

·         You programmed your robot to move from point A to point B with such maneuver – the robot moves forward straight with a give distance from point A, makes a 45-degree turn, and moves forward again to reach point B – If you send out your robot 5 times in a row, do you get at least 4 satisfactory results?

·         Which NXT-G block will make the robot to “pause”? and how can you use “pause”?

·         Have you seen a FLL robot did all missions, flipped over the wall and completed all missions on the other table?

·         Have you seen FLL robots mission performances that completed all mission in one program?

·         Have you thought a way to minimize the environment deviation between your table and the tables in other place such as these in a tournament?

·         Are the Rules of the robot game providing some good ideas for your team to design/build, to program and to run the game missions?


I strongly recommend you to bring cameras or even camcorders to the meeting. It is a public event. Large stack of attachments and strategic pieces built by the former FLL teams for the past challenges will be displayed and YOU CAN TOUCH THEM and PICTURE THEM.

I want to also point out if the space allows, I welcome the FLL team members to attend the meeting as long as they are under the supervision of the team coaches / mentors.


3-2-1 LEGO!

Jin Ye

(703) 864-9255

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