I received a question from a coach, and want to post the answers to the list.

  The coach asks about taking the Bonus Loops from the table:
      Yes, the team may take the bonus loops at any time after the bonus condition has been met.  (They wouldn't really want to *remove* them from the table, rather I expect that they will be taken to Base.)  It won't hurt to tell the referee that "I am going to take a bonus loop now", just to avoid collisions and allow verification of the bonus condition.

For Stray Objects, there are several reasons why I am a stickler for the wording of the Rule.
a)  The referees tend to have longer arms than the team members
b)  The referees want to be able to assist the team as needed
c)   If the referee messes up the table in any way, the team gets benefit of the doubt, especially for scoring.  If the team messes things up, the referee just gets exasperated... ;-)
d)  If the team takes an objective, they have to give it to the referee anyway, since it is out of play.

The rule says "Objects caused by any robot to be in a non‐scoring position may be taken out of play by the ref upon request or by you if the ref is too far away to act in time."
A team that knows that there will be stray objects can alert the referee in advance.  There might be a good reason why the referee wouldn't be expected to get there in time, but that could be explained.

And yes, only the two team members at the table would be interacting with bonus objects or the robot or stray objects during the match.

So, take advantage of the referees--we're there to help!

Steve Scherr
VA/DC FLL Referee Advisor

-- previous message --
Our team is trying to limit the need to have the referee remove things from the table during a robot run. There currently are four times they need to have objects taken off the table. Two are scoring loops and two stray objects.
Can the team remove a red loop by hand given they have already collect all the grey loops first?
Can the team remove any other color loop by hand given they have all the red loops?
Can the team remove the crash test car by hand after it has been activated and has come to rest at the bottom of the ramp?
Can the team remove the columns by hand after they have be moved by the robot? 
I have underlined the team, but this is really only the two at the table. The real issues is that because some of these things require a reach over the table to get to we want to avoid the kids running into the ref's. We would like to ask for permission from the table ref to remove the above by hand at the appropriate time. The team will also explain to the table ref how the robot will run on the table so (s)he will have a heads up before hand.
Will this be allowed?

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