Hi, Coach Michael Brown of Team 9900 "Beachbots Junior":
Yes! Please mail me the original video footage on a CD or DVD media and I love to have them in the "documentary"!
After watching your team's video on Youtube, I realized a mistake I made - while I was video-recording the robot match round 2 on Team 3546 Super Nanobot Extremes (David Levy's excellent team), I caught some action of the team on the opposite table. I didn't know the team. Based on the schedule I identified the team as 9528 LegoCraze. Now I know actually it was your team!
I don't catch a complete run -  your footage is much better than what I have on your team. However I did catch a moment of cheer from your team,  which was wonderful!
My mailing (home) address is -
Jin Ye
4520 Willet Drive
Annandale, Va 22003 
Thanks very much and I hope many other teams will come forward as you did to contribute this video project.
Jin Ye
(703) 864-9255

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Subject: Re: [VADCFLL-CHAMPIONSHIP-L] The teams that I missed on "documentary" filming
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Date: Monday, December 14, 2009, 8:00 PM

You can pull some of the video from youtube, I can send you the full resolution file if you would like.



On Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 1:34 AM, Jin Ye <[log in to unmask]" rel=nofollow target=_blank>[log in to unmask]> wrote:
The following teams generously offered me to include them in the video project. Unfortunately I missed opportunities to make or to secure appointments with the teams on Sunday. I'm really sorry.
However, I sincerely hope the teams will show in the "documentary" - please consider to send me a video clip of your team and I'll include it in the documentary.
Team # Team Name Div
1991 Super Computers I
9900 Beachbots Junior  I
5361 Hakuna Matata II
5390 Kilmer I II
6836 Dahlgren 4H LEGO Engineers II
2036 The Scream Team II
435 Bridge Babes II
Please contact me. Thank you.

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Michael Brown
Y!:nrune AOL:nrune
GPS: Team Virginia Brown's

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