Hey folks,


Here is a request from a team that did a really neat research project that they posted on YouTube.  A link is at the bottom.  If you have a few min and take a look it will help them with project.  They want to get as many hits as possible to their video before they go to their state ( South Carolina ) championship.  BTW…..I will be checking the date on all the new tires I buy from now on.


Rusty West



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Subject: First Lego League Research Project YouTube Link Please Look



Hello all:


My robotics team kids have been working all year long preparing for their competition for First Lego League.  Despite audio difficulties, their initial project won first place at the regional competition which provided them an opportunity to advance to the state competition at Clemson University on March 6th.  Since the regional, they have reshot their video to try to improve the audio quality.  


One of the components of the competition is a research project relevant to the years stated topic and present findings in a creative and interesting manner.  The topic for this year is transportation.  My kids decided to do their project on safety factors associated with aged tires.  They developed a news broadcast format, created their own script, filmed and edited their production and decided they wanted to place it on YouTube for maximum opportunity to have their findings observed.  Part of the requirement is to show their project to as many people as possible, so YouTube was the perfect vehicle.  You received this invitation just because you are in my address book.  


If your schedule permits, my kids would very much appreciate as many "hits" as possible on their YouTube video during the next week.  Although I am very biased, I think they did an incredible job and I am very proud of them.  We have no clue how we will do at state next week, but we will do our very best.  The video is about 5 minutes and is 100% their creative effort and work.  I provided nothing but encouragement , equipment and some suggestions here and there.  Needless to say, my kids are amazing and I am very proud of them. 


If you enjoy it, please forward the link to anyone in your address book that may also enjoy and appreciate a valiant middle school effort.  


Very Respectfully,


Kathleen Brown

White Knoll Middle School

First Lego League Robotics Team Coach








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