Hello FLL Friends,
  A few important dates/events are coming up that I wanted to share with you:
  1.? Ultimate Summer Kickoff Event - Science Museum of Virginia - Saturday, June 19th
  This will be a fun, kickoff the summer event held at the Science Museum in Richmond. 
  There will be activities, music, food, and events for families to enjoy as a way to kickoff
and celebrate summer.? We have been asked to showcase the different FIRST programs,
  including FIRST LEGO League.? We will have a FLL table and field set up kit there and
  are looking for some teams (partial teams are fine) to come and talk about FLL.? 
  No need to worry about running a lot of robot missions, we are simply looking for 
  students to talk about FLL, explain what the program is, show what a FLL robot looks
  like, and talk about the fun you have had as a member of FLL.? The event is from
  10:00 am - 4:00 pm, but you can take either the morning or afternoon shift.? Please consider if
  you have a few team members willing to come talk about FLL and at the same time
  enjoy a fun filled event.? 
  2.? 2010 Challenge - BODY FORWARD - Registration opens May 3rd at 12:00 pm EST
  In this "Engineering Meets Medicine" Challenge, FLL teams will explore the world of Biomedical Engineering.? 
It seems like we were just celebrating the Smart Moves challenge, and already it is time to start thinking
about getting your team registered for the 2010 challenge.? Why not register your team early and start building
excitement for the new season.? Registration opens next Monday at noon!!

If you have any questions about the Ultimate Summer Kickoff or about the 2010 FLL season, please
don't hesitate to send me an email.? If you have team members interested in helping at the Science 
Museum on June 19th, please let me know.? 

Many thanks,

Sally Sylvester
FIRST Senior Mentor Virginia
FLL Coach 2005-2009


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