I had the pleasure of judging robot design at the World Festival in Atlanta and observed several all-girl teams.  One team I judged was the top team from Spain - an all girl team from Barcelona.  They had a great robot design and their programming was superb.  They were also a ROOKIE team.  They received a first place award in one area and were competitive in everything - against some of the very best teams in the world.

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I am indeed still on this list! The Capital Girls were a blast to coach. They're all graduating from high school this year!

Girls are different (there's a late-breaking story!), and have fewer fistfights. For the Girls, 6-8 was the right size. When we were a school team, we had 10 because the school quite reasonably wanted to maximize opportunity; once they hit middle school and there was no more interest from the school, we went private and got a bit smaller, which was indeed easier to manage. Someone said 4; I think that's a bit small, though of course it'll vary depending on how focused the kids are. There was a team a couple of years ago where the coach and all but two kids quit, and the two very-focused and intense surviving, self-coached boys were VERY competitive. But that's the exception.

Welcome, anyway, and enjoy!

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