Hi all,
I have a question about the small bone repair mission model and how it looks on the table.  We placed the small, west end of the bone down on its marks.  But the larger east end is way off its mark for it to be able to fit, let alone leave a 1/16 inch gap.  I just want to be sure I am doing this correctly.  Should the west end be lined up and just have the east end way off its mark?

The same is true for us with the tissue areas.  If you line it up all the way correctly at the west end, the other places are way off their mark.  But if you put all the other places correctly on their mark, and then that first place all the way at the west end is just slightly off its mark, but the rest are perfectly lined up.

What should we do?

I remember at some point last year reading that the models should always be lined up on their marks correctly first from west to east then north to south, in instances where the marks don't perfectly lined up.  But I can't find anything like that this time.


Sonya in Harrisonburg

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