We have recently updated our FLL Resource page of our website: http://www.robodesigners.com/resources/default.htm  

This webpage has what we call "Quick links" to the FLL website, making it quick and easy to find things like the Challenge docs, rubrics, BodyForward logo and certificates, and the FIRST Forum, etc.

We also have some unofficial team resources - materials made by us and other teams, such as a score sheet, a mission video, and more.  None of the unofficial items are guaranteed to be 100% accurate.  It's up to you to determine that, but we think most of these resources will be helpful.

Many of the items are really just things that we've accumulated from the web that relate to the NXT, building, programming, etc.  Come back often as we continue to add new links.  Some of the coaching docs that we found on the web are a bit dated, but I've kept them for the few ideas they contain that might still be helpful.  The current FLL Coaches Handbook is still the BEST source of coaching information!  It keeps getting better and better each year!

 You may also find it helpful to check out Robodesigners' YouTube Channel.  We have playlists of FLL Robots, FLL Project Presentations, and more. 

We hope this will be a help to other teams and especially those that are new. 

Cari Norton
FLL Team #12 
Daleville, VA

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