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Remember, knowledge of the Rules is just as important as knowledge of the missions…  For this mission, IN is required, and TOUCHING is not.  But the NO SCORE status of Pictures 3 and 4 is not about the Mission criteria.  They fail because of the third bullet of Rule 13.  (By the way, please IGNORE the last picture under Professional Teamwork!)

I need someone to explain to me why picture three is a no score.  it meets the requirement of "in' but fail from bullet three from rule 13 which is... 

You are limited as to how you may connect anything to a mission model. Gently flipping and/or shaking
one (the heavier if the two are different) must allow gravity to completely separate them. The ref does not
allow a start with an illegal connection. See Rule 20.

So picture three fails because the "cells" are on their sides???  

If that is so, if the doctor and the tech are face down but in do they also fail?  

Does that mean I can not attach the cells, the doctor, tech to my robot and drive my robot so that they are 'in" but are still attached to the robot? 

Michael Brown
Y!:nrune AOL:nrune
GPS: Team Virginia Brown's
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