At 3:41 PM -0700 10/8/10, Richa Jain wrote:
>Our Robot keeps on bumping into the mission models in the field set 
>up. We are a rookie team and need help.We tried using touch sensor 
>but it does not seem to work as some models are very low like the 
>green colored field for the ball.

It sounds like your team is ripe for a brainstorming session. If you 
create some time and framing for an open-the-minds discussion of 
possible solutions, they may come up with some clever approaches.

Their discussion may lead them to coming up with better approaches to 
steering in order to avoid the obstacles, or attachments that allow 
the touch sensor to "feel" a wider range of objects, driving routes 
that avoid the trickest obstacles, or something else entirely.

Good luck!

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