We had a contact with the head of a bio-medical engineering department  
at VCU- he came and spoke to our team  and shared all kinds of great  
recent innovations and ideas for exploration- they learned a lot no  
matter what- we have one student with a super sci- fi mind who  
including last year wants to do something super abstract- the team  
voted on his idea over something more concrete and doable-  and I  
think that is all good- and it is their assignment- and their  
decision- has anyone else struggled with the choosing of more sci- fi  
topics that end up very difficult to prove would be possible?    
thought a couple students had some concrete projects that were very  
applicable and would make an immediate difference- but it got nixed by  
the larger group (less exciting)-  I know it's all them- just feels  
like a second season of extremely abstract- harder to do.....I have  
asked a lot of questions.. I guess I am really asking if anyone else  
is struggling and should i even care? we have a dominant one with  
imagination that answers questions very authoritatively and don't want  
to come across as discouraging him as I ask questions?  Thanks- LD 

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