Just checking-
1.  Having read the Official Missions document, the Patient Area is
described as "...the patientís area (anywhere in the non-orange region at
the east of the mat)?  This mean to me that the Patient Area is the entire
gray area on the east end of the table.  Is this correct?

2.  Does a team receive points if the white blood cells are deposited
anywhere in the gray Patient Area, even if they are all touching the gray
area in one of the far corners of the gray area or do they have to be
deposited in front of the brain near the patient?

3.  The pictures of the scoring white blood cells all show the "cells"
separate, touching the Patient area and resting on their flat/holed side.
Will points be awarded if the cells are separate, touching the Patient
Area, and resting on their curved side or their flat/posted side as well?

4.  The Professional Teamwork Mission states that points are awarded by 
..."Mo(in) both the doctor and the biomedical engineer to meet with the
patient, anywhere in the patientís area. PEOPLE ALL TOGETHER IN THE
PATIENTíS AREA = 25 Points

How close do the Doctor and Engineer have to be to the Patient to be
considered "Together or meeting"?  Can the Doctor and the Engineer be
deposited anywhere in the Patient Area as defined above, and be considered
together/meeting with the patient?

Ann Hamilton-Dixon
Coach for St. Catherine's School Lego Robotics Team - Div 1, The Doctoring
Team # 788

Ann Hamilton-Dixon
Lower School Technology Coordinator
St. Catherine's School
6001 Grove Avenue
Richmond, VA 23226
804 288-2804

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