Dear all,

This is my fifth year coaching and I recently found a problem I did not experience before.  This year, we have a few kids with their own computers.  We just started to move their programs to one computer in preparing for the tournament.  We ran into internal compiler error 5005 many times.  I think one issue is caused by reference to my block programs hardcoded with the absolute directory name.  Therefore, when the program moved to a different computer, it can no longer find the myblock it needs to run.  I could not get the programs to run even if I duplicate the directory structure though.  Sometime, the programs can be created by copy and paste from the old programs.  Other time, it has to be rebuild completely.

We've downloaded programs from the internet before and did not have any problems.  So there must be a way to create portable programs.    I tried to search for guidelines for writing portable programs and have not found any so far.  Has anyone done any research in this area and come up with the best practice for team members to share their programs?

Many thanks for your help,


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