A few issues have come up consistently while running missions and we are
wondering if we need to tweak.


When the doctor is placed down rather roughly, sometimes she loses her hair
even when its placed tightly.  Does this mean the mission fails since it
states she must have nice hair?


In the pill box mission if the entire first row goes in but only 2 of the 3
of the 2nd row, does this fail with the 3rd one teetering on the edge?  Can
the team bump the table so it falls in?


If you complete the mission - specifically the reflex mission with the tire
- but then your robot scraps the thing off its 3m stickers and drags it a
few inches still upright with the tire still stuck in the air, does it still
complete the mission?


If you know you are purposefully skipping a mission and it is in your way,
can you pull it off the table before the match begins or do you have to have
your robot move it out of your way?


Thanks for any help!







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