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I coached 2 rookie teams this year, and we did a lot of "brute force" programming and design.  The kids are so excited after the tournament, and want to continue to build upon what they have learned so far and what they saw at the tournament.  I am looking for a curriculum or set of activities that will help us to explore how to use the sensors with a bit more finesse and program more efficiently.  When we started the season, we did the sample exercises that came with the software, but we are looking for something a bit more in-depth now.  I looked on the Lego Education web site and there are a lot of options, but not a whole lot of information about each.  Has anyone used any of these resources and could provide additional information (or even just a table of contents)?  I was especially looking at:
  - Classroom Activities for the Busy Teacher
  - The Young Inventor’s Project with LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT
  -  LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT The Mayan Adventure
(They can all be found at
We hope to explore things like varying wheel sizes, using gears, more about the light sensor, etc.  We will likely meet once a week for about 2 hours duing the off-season and we have a division I and a division II group.

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