I made this sheet today because I work with kids from varying degrees of mathematical backgrounds.  They were not getting the lesson plan devised by either the Educate NXT curriculum or the C.M. robotics engineering vol 1.  So I created a sheet that I hope plainly list the step involved in figuring out how to make calculated, measured turns.
 It does not include a lesson plan for the worksheet, but that is pretty easy-
 Get your kids to create an attachment for the edu-bot that will hold a marker in place over the middle of a wheel.
 Get them to create a program that will allow the robot to spin/pivot in a full circle. (Marker is over the outside wheel spinning. Only one motor should be running so the robot circles around it's one inside wheel.)
Once you do that, you will have all the parts you need to run a course and make measured turns using the worksheet I created.
   A version of this lesson is in the Educate NXT, but in the author's obvious superior math skills, he failed to include the equation on HOW to find the distance traveled by the wheel, which you need to know in order to convert into rotations.  The Carnegie Mellon included it, and did a good job of stopping the videos so I could talk about what was happening, but many kids didn't understand WHY it was happening. The worksheet they created didn't have steps, which my student forgot instantaneous to shutting off the video that explained it, so I spent this morning trying to make one up myself.  Hope it helps someone else as well!
If the attachment doens't come through, please email me and I will send it to you.

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