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Announcing MoonBots 2.0
A Google Lunar X PRIZE LEGO(r) MINDSTORMS(r) Challenge!

[MoonBots 20]

The X Prize Foundation and the LEGO(r) Group are back for more!

MoonBots 2.0<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=ha4s7ccab&et=1105671719155&s=36194&e=001EikQF6UZf7mQf_b62mPu4iq4HDdwXI3l3tYUjc19y6cZhIbCN9onQmLynX-H3FFbJe_CTojZivLBSJlcUp-RcwcDGScQsmH37VHnIY-9Q-G9s5xfN1Zmhw==> is the second annual contest that challenges teams of students (ages 9-17) and adults to learn about robotics, the Moon, and space exploration by designing and constructing a LEGO MINDSTORMS(r) robot that performs simulated lunar missions.

The MoonBots 2.0 challenge is divided into two phases:

Phase I (May 9-June 13)
During Phase I, teams will submit a written proposal stating why their robot should be funded and a video documenting their interest in space exploration. Twenty teams will be selected to move on to Phase II.

Phase II (June 27-August 15)
During Phase II, teams will be required to submit a digital design proposal of their robot and will be asked to complete a STEM outreach project for their local community or an online community. In addition, teams will be given a LEGO MINDSTORMS set and a MoonBots challenge field and must build their robot and solve the lunar challenge (details to be announced at a later date). A live, online video demonstration caps the team experience!

All registered teams will win prizes. First-, second-, and third-place Phase II winners will receive a FIRST LEGO League, FIRST Tech Challenge, or FIRST Robotics Challenge registration, with the grand prize being a VIP trip to the opening of LEGOLAND Florida!
To learn more or register a team, visit www.MoonBots.org<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=ha4s7ccab&et=1105671719155&s=36194&e=001EikQF6UZf7mQf_b62mPu4iq4HDdwXI3l3tYUjc19y6cZhIbCN9onQmLynX-H3FFbJe_CTojZivLBSJlcUp-RcwcDGScQsmH37VHnIY-9Q-G9s5xfN1Zmhw==>! Contest registration and Phase I is May 9-June 13, 2011. There is no cost to participate. Sign up today!

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