I'd note that this varies to some extent from venue to venue. Often it's
just the "pit" area (typically the cafeteria, at least in school venues),
where teams retire between rounds/judging to tinker, practice, etc.

I mention this only because space may be at a premium -- a team who brings a
huge display may be disappointed that there really isn't anywhere to put it
up. You might ask the tournament director in advance.

(OTOH, I remember a team with a giant [five-foot?] Papier-mâché lobster that
was a huge hit -- they carried it around with them all day!)
Phil Smith III

Coach, The Capital Girls (retired)
Team 1900 (2002)
Team 2497 (2003)
Team 2355 (2004)
Team 1945 (2005)
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At the competitions there is a general display area in which teams are
gathered.  Many groups have "give aways" to share with other teams.
The high school age FTC/FRC use buttons with their team logo, and our
FLL group went with that last year.  The kids loved giving/trading
their buttom with other teams.  Our budget was determined by our
fundraising.  I think we spent about $200 on buttons, but that
included going to the state competition, and having leftovers.

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