Hello FLL Coaches,
I wanted to let you all know that the tournament assignments have been posted on the website on the main page - look at the "News and Event" section on the right side for the link (http://vafll.cisat.jmu.edu/Regional%20Placements.html).  The assignments are listed both by team number (on the left) and tournament (on the right). We were able to put over 82% of teams into their first choice (no small feat with over 425 teams participating in Regional Tournaments) and over 98% of the teams were put in one of their 3 choices.
You should receive a welcome email from your tournament director within the next week or so.  They have not received the final list of teams yet so please do not expect it today.  Also, while most tournaments will attempt to have a tentative detailed schedule to the teams about a week before the tournament, not all will do so for a variety of reasons.  They will at a minimum inform you of key details including registration times and the start of the tournament.
As you look at your tournament assignments, please think about whether or not you would be able to volunteer at any of the regional tournaments.  We are all volunteers in VA/DC FLL and it is a (not so small) army of volunteers that runs the 20 regional tournaments around the state.  Almost all sites would very much appreciate coaches/parents interested in helping as judges and referees and it’s a great way to learning about the competitions from the other side.  If you would like to volunteer, please go to http://www.vadcfll.org/volunteer.aspx.
A few final notes – many of you will notice that there is no Saturday Reston (Forest Edge) Tournament listed. We had very low interest in that tournament and were able to put all but 1 of the teams that would have been there into their 2nd choice tournaments.  With the possible increased registration fee for both of the Reston tournaments, we did not feel it was financially responsible to hold both and will only hold the Sunday event (it was more popular than the Saturday one). Also, the Manassas tournament is currently all Division 1 due to only 2 division 2 teams requesting that tournament so the two teams were moved to their 2nd choice tournaments instead.
Thanks and we look forward to seeing you all at the Regional Tournaments!!!
Karen Berger
VA/DC FLL Regional Tournament Coordinator
Newport News Regional Tournament Director
Norfolk Regional Tournament Director

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