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Subject: Congratulations to GBW JrFLL Teams!

The GBW JrFLL had a strong showing at their Expo held on Sunday Nov 20th. Katherine Green coach of the Androids coordinated the event which was held at the Centreville Library. 

Each team comprised of 2-6 kids ranging from K-3rd grade created the Lego project using the Snack Attack Challenge as their theme. Each group had 10 minutes to present their projects using a "show me" poster, demonstrated their Lego model and took one question from another team's coach. 

Six GBW JrFLL teams participated and received the following awards:

Achievers- Construction Innovation Award
GBW Androids - Picasso Award
Lego Resistance - Simply Awesome Machine Award
Lego Leprachauns - Inquiring Minds Award. 
Lightning Girls- Lil Einstein Award
Pandabots - Effort and Learning Award

Well done GBW JrFLL!

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