Listserve folks,

Please share your thanks and thoughts on Facebook at

It's a much better format for sharing this sort of thing without clogging e-mail inboxes.  All you need to do is "like" the page to post.

Also if you're moving on to he championship or just want to share you can post a video of your research project to youtube and post a links in Facebook to SHARE!

As you begin to transition this season please consider keeping the team and the robot together.  We're working to put together spring events around the state possibly an all-girl team event at NASA to celebrate Women's History Month in February and other things that we can pull together.  If you can keep practicing and improving it will make the team even stronger for next year.  As you complete particularly challenging missions or figure out a very cool design you can post videos on youtube and share them on Facebook as well.

Look forward to seeing many of you here at JMU in December. 

For new teams/coaches something to consider if you want to really improve for next year you can volunteer to serve as a judge or referee at the Championship tournament.  This is really only appropriate for people whose teams are NOT competing to prevent a conflict of interest, but it is a great way to see what the top level of competition looks like in areas you'd like your team to improve for next year.



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