I have not been paying much attention, until today (I've been procrastinating), to our field setup box that arrived a week or two ago.  When I opened the box, first thing I noticed was the mat, all folded up, within the box.  When I layed it out on the table, the second thing I noticed is that it has some significant creases caused by the folding of the mat.  I'm thinking the creases may cause some issues with robot navigation.  I have two questions and please forgive me they have been asked before:
1) How do we smooth out the mat?  In years past, when the mat came in a tube, I knew what to do.  I'm at a loss here.
2) When we show up at a regional tournament and the tables were set up the night before, will there be some concerted effort to make sure the mats are smooth?
Lloyd O'Hara
Coach, The Crestwood Monarchs.

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