Thanks to all involved at the Martinsville Tournament this past weekend…it was wonderful!  We were fortunate enough to advance to the State Tournament for the first time and are excited to move to the next level! 


My question concerns team members who were unable to attend the regional competition and their eligibility to attend state.  I assume that they are welcome, since there were part of the 10 people who worked on the project, but they were just unable to attend due to prior conflicts. 


The question about their effect on team dynamics is another one…I am just making sure they are “legal” to attend!


Once again thanks for all the hard work and time that went into the tournament and making it wonderful for the kids, coaches and parents.  We learned a lot from other teams , and look forward to heading back next year!




Mark C Jones


Coach Hidden Valley Eagles FLL Team

Hidden Valley Middle School

Roanoke County Schools


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