Due to weather concerns (snow, ice, temps, *various locations and severity for teams) and teams traveling (some have already cancelled) on the road for a "nice to have" tournament it is in our best interest to cancel the event.  The FTC director is meeting with the principal today but it is anticipated it will be rescheduled (official event) on FEB 9 due to the school being closed today.  I apologize to everyone for the late cancellation but we were watching the weather and hoping for a turn for the better in our extended region for teams.  I did not want to delay any longer so each coach could make appropriate communication to their families.  Our team, The Lost Generation, was looking forward to a great coopertition robot event and meeting you and your teams.
I will send out information on the event in FEB and hopefully we can get on track to a great expo with no weather in the way.
If you are associated with an FTC team please stand by for official word from that chain as this information is early and may be subject to change (Dates, time, etc.) with official event details.
Coach Guilder

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