Hi all,
I am wondering if there are any parents living in Northern Virginia who are interested in learning robotics with their children.  John Kauffman, a robotics teacher at the Arlington Career Center, is willing to offer a robotics class tailored to younger students with parent participation.  I am hoping to get enough interest to start an intro robotic class, using the Parallex platform.  This is not a Lego robotics class. A sample curriculum is as follows: 
Robotics 1 – The Brain (15-18 hours)
Build and experiment with the microcontroller and its code that will control the robot. The microcontroller is also the basis for non-robotics projects students may undertake
Prerequisite – Experience with any word processor
Materials: Parallax Boe-Bot Kit ~ $170 (used for both courses) The same kit is used in many university microcontroller, embedded systems or robotics courses. Source: www.parallax.com/go/boe-bot either version: serial with adaptor or USB. Two or three individuals can share a kit. (Additional parts and handouts provided by the instructor- free)
Approximate Schedule:
Please let me know if you are interested. 
Angela Ting
Rocking Penguins
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