On 8/6/13 7:13 AM, Fredrik Nyman wrote:
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Could someone please explain the tournaments to me?
You can find a lot of information about tournaments at http://www.vadcfll.org/db/tournaments.aspx
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Specifically, do all teams participate in a single regional event in November?
When you register your team with VADCFLL (http://vafll.cisat.jmu.edu/registration.html) and pay your registration fee, you are entitled to compete in one regional tournament in November. Starting October 1st, registered teams can enter their preferences for regional tournament sites. Final tournament assignments are made in mid-October.
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And that regional event is a qualifier for the championship tournament in December?
Yes. The winners of regional tournaments go to the championship tournament in December. A separate registration fee is collected at the championship tournament. Approximately 20% of all registered teams participate in the championship tournament.
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