Hello everyone,

I would like to announce our new Northern VA/ DC VISTA member Luke Farrell.  We brought Luke on to helps us network and expand in teams in the Northern VA/ DC area.  We would like Luke to contact with teams in the Northern VA/ DC area and be able to setup a time to where he can come and watch teams practice.  This will help Luke to get a better understanding of FLL and how a team is ran. We would like for Luke one day to provide workshops for coaches and teams and to provide help to whomever when needed in the Northern VA/DC area.   Also, we would like Luke to be able to do some outreach at different events throughout his area.  Let's welcome Luke to VA/DC FIRST(r) LEGO(r) League and help him so that he can help us.

Thanks everyone and have a wonderful day,

Dustin Skelton
Assistant Director of Virginia/DC FIRST(r) LEGO(r) League
James Madison University
395 South High St. Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Office: 540-568-2216

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