We are a rookie team, and apologize for the last minute questions we have. Would need some clarification on the following. Any info on this would be great.
1) If the robot get struck in the middle of a mission, and has not reached base, can we get the robot back to base incurring penalty, so that we can atleast send the robot for the rest of the missions. Is this allowed ? If so, what is the penalty involved. Should the kids ask the referee before they are allowed to lift the robot back to base ?
2) I understand that at any given time, only a max of 2 kids can be operating the robot. Are we allowed to swap kids, when the robot is accomplishing its missions. We would like to give a chance to every kid, and wondering if this swapping is allowed.
3) If we trigger the robot for the last mission with in the 2.5 minute timeline, are we good ? Meaning, say we trigger the robot before 2.5 min timeline, but the robot is still doing it work after the timeline...Would this be considered ok ?
Thanks much for all your help regarding the same.

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