Hello VA/DC FLL Coaches and Teams,

·        ·Do you have old field-set up kits or LEGOS not being used?

·        ·Are you switching to the EV3 & have an NXT you no longer use?

·        ·Does your team want to make a difference?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you can make it possible for more
children in Haiti to participate in FLL and "The Lil Sparks LEGO Program"
(Jr.FLL has not yet expanded to Haiti).

Sparky 384, a *FIRST* Robotics Competition (FRC) team from Richmond, is
working with the FLL Partner and other supporters in Haiti to make this a
reality.  VA/DC FLL teams can have a HUGE impact on children that wouldn't
otherwise have this STEM opportunity.   Sparky will sort, assemble and
transport the kits.  In addition to Haiti, Sparky is providing the Lil
Sparks LEGO Program to schools in Ghana and hopes to expand to other
countries this season.

If you have LEGOS, field-set up kits or NXTs to donate, please contact us
at [log in to unmask]   Many thanks for helping us to inspire leaders of
the future in science and engineering!

FYI – We’re working with our Haitian contacts now on the details, but are
hoping to form a “sister” program where VA/DC FLL teams partner with
Haitian FLL teams.  Teams will support each other, learn from one another,
etc.  If your team is interested, please let us know.

Attached are pictures showing the Lil Sparks LEGO teams at their End of
Season Celebration in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.  These children had never seen
LEGOS before!

Many thanks,

Sparky 384 – *FIRST* Robotics Team

J.R. Tucker High School

Richmond, VA

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