We've been trying to get the engagement model to function properly and
we're having a tough time.  The problem seems to be that there is not
enough weight on the top of the model to keep the gears engaged.  We can
spin the pinwheel and watch the gears slip past each other, resulting in no
movement on the scoring dial.
  I have checked the updates to both the building model and scoring, From
what I can tell the scoring is based on the number of 90 degree turns that
you spin the pinwheel.  The method used to determine how many turns have
been recorded is to use the dial.  Is this a problem with our model build?
 Are others having this problem as well?  Am I interpreting the scoring
incorrectly?  Will we get points based on the number of turns that we
complete, regardless of if the dial moves? Will the Judges be watching for

Frank Levine

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