Dear Coaches:


We’re glad to see so many of you volunteering to coach FLL teams this year.  The multiple steps registration process with the new coaches screening and background checks are the many challenges that you have overcame.  Please remember that your hard works are all about the Coaches’ Promise that “The children come first.”


For our new coaches and those Rookie Teams, the challenges are just beginning.  What are these research projects, robotic design, and core value judging sessions?  They are overwhelming for our new coaches!  In 2007, a group of kids started a journey with the “Rabid Llama Lords” team’s “Take and Give” research project that won the heart of the White House!  They went on to won $5K from Best Buy to develop Internet courses for “Teaching Robotics on the Web”.  These kids are all in colleges now, but over the years they have captured some of the FLL excitements that they have posted on the website.


For those Rookie Teams that have more questions than answers, please visit the website for basic NXT programming guides, to get some ideas from past research projects, or just to watch some videos to understand the three FLL judging sessions and those Robot Game matches.  Or maybe for a new coach just wants to watch some inspiring video from a young rookie coach that had coached not just one, but two simultaneous FLL teams during the 2009 season and took one of them to the State Competition.


For those companies and organizations that are inspired by Best Buy and want to sponsor the EV3 Robotics courses or the Robot ‘C’ courses development, please let me know.  And for those veteran teams, those inspired by the Scitobor legacy and want to develop these courses, please also contact me.


Please remember “What we discover is more important that what we win”, and last but not least of the FLL Core Values “We have FUN!”



Best wishes,

T. (Curt) Tran

Judges Advisor, GMU Regional ’11, ’12 & ’13

Judges Advisor, TJHSST Regional ’09

Mentor Team #5390, Kilmer-I ’09

Mentor Team #8941, Kilmer-II ’09

Coach Team #324, Scitobor ’08

Coach Team #3563, Rabid Llama Lords ’07


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