Need clarification/ confirmation on the Reverse Engineering mission steps:

1. Each team builds 'unique structure' and puts it in other teams' basket.

Ques: (a) The pieces that the team uses to build the 'unique structure' 
- will those pieces be provided to them at the match, or does the team 
need to bring those pieces from home (from project kit)?

(b) Can the team build the 'unique structure' in advance of the match 
and keep it ready; or do they have to build it when the clock starts?

(c) If the basket is successfully retrieved, team has to build the 
replica of the other teams' 'unique structure'. Will the pieces to build 
other teams' 'unique structure' be also provided - or are the team 
expected to bring those (from their project kit)?

2. The mission requires basket be retrieved, brought back to the base, 
and only then the team members are allowed to open the basket and work 
on recreating the structure. Correct?


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