Okay, the announcement was not timely to allow teams to participate in the Food Drive at Harrisonburg.  As such, we are extending the opportunity to all those teams that attended the State tournament to enter the drawing for the tour if they will accept the following challenge and send me an e-mail of their plan.


The 1,000 Challenge:

Select a local food bank in your community.  Select a date in the near future (Jan, Feb, Mar).  Decide on the format of how to share your team experiences (project, robot games, etc.) in your local community.  Include a plan for collecting canned food.  Share your FLL experiences and deliver the collected canned food to the local food bank.  Finally, share your success story here on the list server!


Nick has shared with us the success of VADCFLL in that JMU has started with only 234 teams in the 2007 season and has now grown to 650 teams this year.  Our goal is to reach 1,000 teams.  If the teams attended the State tournament can simply inspire about 3-4 teams each, we can easily achieve this goal!



Best wishes,



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Wait, who said that this FLL season is over!  Coincidently, Nick and I, we both got involved in FLL during the 2007 season, and it still has not ended.  FLL seasons just keep going on-and-on until you decided that it’s over.


Good news!  Coach Katarina has agreed to select one of the team that participated in the food/coat drive for a tour of the most famous House in the world!  The selected team with their registered coaches/mentors will attend a tour with Coach Katarina on a future TBD date.  So if your team donated food/coat at the Harrisonburg State Tournament, please e-mail me your team name, team number, and number of members plus the number of adults.  Coach Katarina will select one at random for this tour!


Yes, in honor of the Falls Church regional tournaments that started the Food Drive tradition, those teams that donated canned food at the Falls Church tournaments can also submit their information for this drawing!!!


If you don’t know about the Kilmer Teams’ famous tour, check out Coach Katarina’s introduction video at http://www.scitobor.com/CoachCamtasia/Katarina.html.  In addition, if you weren’t able to attend the State tournament at JMU, you can watch the video of Congressman Goodlatte honoring this year FLL with the presentation of the two Champion Awards at http://www.scitobor.com/JMU_VADCFLL_2014Awards/JMU_VADCFLL_2014Awards.html.  (Sorry, the video does not work on iPhone since it doesn’t support Adobe Flash!)



Merry Christmas!



Give and ye shall receive!


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Subject: Canned Food Drive for Harrisonburg -- at the State Tournament
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Hi Everyone,


Last month at the Falls Church regional tournaments, we started a tradition of collecting canned foods for the local community in honor of this year "FLL World Class Learning Unleased" theme and the team "Rabid Llama Lords" that back in 2008 won the heart of the White House for their volunteering to teach Robotics to other elementary students at their school!  I just want to report back that all the foods collected was donated to the local food bank at the Columbia Church just in time for Thanksgiving sharing.  They send their warmest thank you to all the teams that have donated the foods and best regards to everyone at FLL.


One of the things that we want to teach our kids this season is about "Take and Give" and better yet "Give, and it shall be given unto you".  Our FLL kids are so fortunate that they have caring coaches and parents that supporting them in their STEM education.  We want them to know that there are a lot of less fortunate kids out there that they should not only share their FLL experiences but also in giving to those hungry and cold during this Holiday season.


So for this year State tournament (maybe even during all our future regional tournaments) and in the spirit of the Holidays, we ask that teams bring at least one canned food per team member to help out those in our area who need it the most!  We are working with a few JMU students and their organizations to collect and deliver these canned foods to the local food bank in Harrisonburg.


It’s about understanding FLL World Class Learning and teaching our kids on "giving back to the local community" plus leaving some goodwill behind after our State tournament is over!  So bring some canned food and/or some old coats for the local Key Club!


P.S. I’m attaching the Rabid Llama Lords' Take and Give experiences and also working with Coach Katarina to see if she is willing to pick one of the team participating in the food/coat drive to take them on a tour of the House!



Best wishes and Go Orion!


T. (Curt) Tran

Judge Advisor, MEH Falls Church Regional ’13, ’14

Judge Advisor, GMU Regional ’11, ’12 & ’13

Judge Advisor, TJHSST Regional ’09

Mentor Team #5390, Kilmer-I ’09

Mentor Team #8941, Kilmer-II ’09

Coach Team #324, Scitobor ’08

Coach Team #3563, Rabid Llama Lords ’07


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The Harrisonburg High School Key Club asked me to send a note to all the teams coming to the state tournament.


They are hosting a coat drive to try to make sure as many kids as possible have a warm coat this winter.  This is a big problem in Harrisonburg as we have a significant refugee population.


If you have extra coats or jackets in good shape, please consider bringing them to the high school on Sunday and donating them to the Key Club.  They'll make sure they get to a good home.




see you soon.




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