Hello...I'm just curious if there's any of the teams that have been through numerous challenges might have some thought on this year's challenge. The challenge teasers say - "From collection, to sorting, to smart production and reuse, there is more to your trash than meets the eye". 

This seems to preclude teams for making things that would educate people to stop using certain products - water bottles, single-use bags, balloons, etc. For example, if a team wanted to design an app that taught kids about how a certain project is affecting the environment or encouraging them to make better choices, etc, this doesn't seem like it would fit into the above teaser. But this seems to be one of the most important ways we reduce some forms of trash, through education. 

So I was just wondering what people thought? I know the challenge doesn't come out for another month and a half and it's all just guessing and no one really knows, but our team has been working on their research during the summer and really want to do something educational, but I hate to let them get too far in that direction if it's going to be something not within the realm of the challenge.   They're really only doing research right now...not working on their solution...but they keep trying to decide on one solution that they really like.  So I was just wondering.  I would really appreciate any thoughts!

Thanks much!
Amy Nichols

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