Hello Virginia/DC FLL teams,

Sparky 384 would like to thank all the teams that generously donated LEGOs, field set-up kits and LEGO Mindstorm kits/components to inspire students in third world, developing countries!  The impact has been incredible and we couldn’t have done it without your support!  To see pictures and read the story, please go to http://va-dcfll.org/helping-lego-teams-in-developing-countries/

If your team has old:  field set-up kits, LEGOs, Jr.FLL Kits, NXT Bricks, LEGO Mindstorm components, re-chargeable batteries or LEGO Mindstorm bins…we can use them for new teams that are forming this fall!!  This project is on-going and the number of requests continues to grow at a rapid rate!

"Words cannot explain the emotions and the joy that I feel in my heart because of your passion for the program and your friendship towards Haiti. Thank you is the least I could say thank you 1 billion times”.  “…the fun the children had was exceptional, immeasurable.” – FLL Founder in Haiti

Thanks Virginia/DC FLL and keep the donations coming!  


Sparky 384, FIRST Robotics Team
J. R. Tucker High School
Richmond, VA

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