FTC Team 6700, the XBOTS will be hosting FIRST Tech Challenge ( FTC) and FLL sessions from 10AM-1PM,  at the National Capital Region’s Maker’s Festival day on Saturday, September 26.

The event is free, and  ​the location is​

The VT Northern Virginia Center
7054 Haycock Rd.
Falls Church, VA 22043

We are in in Room 111 on the first floor. Details of what the X-BOTS Team will be presenting: 

1. FIRST Tech Challenge ( FTC): We have our brand new Android Demo Robot which the kids can have fun driving! In addition, our award-winning 2014-15 Robot designed for Cascade Effect Challenge will also be there. Team X-BOTS will be on hand to demonstrate the Robot, go over the new Android technology, and the FIRST RES-Q Challenge.

Learn more about the new challenge FIRST RES-Q

​If you are a graduating
​team, and
 would like to know how to start an FTC team, ask us!
 Our website: http://xbots.org

2. 2015 FLL Trash Trek table featuring the brand new field, thanks to our FLL friends Le’Go Girls who will be there to go over the FLL missions.

There are many rookie teams (and some experienced teams as well) that would benefit from a session of going over the current FLL robot missions.  Be aware that there are changes to the rules.  The base is no longer the square-size.  There is now a "safety zone".  And the entire robot has to be at base before running a program.  Read all the challenge details and updates:



Registration for the event: http://www.cpe.vt.edu/vtmaker/registration.html 
You can park at West Falls Church Metro Station (free on Sat).

​Thank y​ou,

Stay in touch via http://xbots.org
If you like us, leave us a note/like at http://facebook.com/Xbots6700 


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