I have a question about the transport mission.  The rules state,

M03 – Transport – The distance a discarded material may need to travel is an important part of the equation when deciding
what to do with that material.
●● Basic Mission Description: Load the all-Yellow Material Bin onto the Truck to be transported east/unloaded.
●● Specific physical requirement, visible at the end of the match (score one or both):
• Value: 50 The Truck supports all of the Yellow Bin’s weight.
• Value: 60 The Yellow Bin is completely east of the Truck’s Guide.

My confusions is that both requirements are "visible at the end of the match."  If You have gotten the truck east of the guide via the track, then the yellow bin will have fallen off the truck at the end of the guide, as designed.  How, then, can both conditions be true at the same time (unless, as my team has pondered, that we back-track up the guide, and move around it)?
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