Second year coach here, but my old age is getting the better of me. What can we expect in the project judging session? I know our team has five minutes to set up and perform, but I am thinking about the logistics of the whole thing.

For example, the team is lined up outside the classroom. The judge comes to the door and tells them to come in. The team comes in and brings the props for the skit. The judge explains what is going to happen ("you perform; you have five minutes; then we will ask questions; yada yada"). Then the clock starts and the team performs.

Or does the judge come to the door with his stopwatch and tell the team everything they need and clicks the start button and then the team goes in?

Or something else?

In other words, when practicing, when should I hit the start button on my stopwatch?

And while I have your attention, what else can we expect in the project judging?

​Coach Skip
Team TechnoBotz of Chesapeake

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