We are a rookie team participating for the first time. Have some questions about penalties and what can be done and what cannot be done. Thank you so much for your time in advance. Can you all please help us by answer our questions.


1. Can the Robot touch the walls of the board?

2. Lets say Robot went on a route to perform a mission, can we pick it up and bring it back to the base after the mission is complete rather than letting it  come back by itself. We do understand there will be a penalty, but can we do that even if we get a penalty? How many penalties can a team get? Is there  a number after which you are disqualified?


1. In the sorting mission, we start with 2 blue and  2 black blocks that are already placed and then you can add more through your robot. Is that correct assumption? If you don't add then you only sort the four blocks.

2. The bins for the sorting mission will already be on the mat. We don't have to move them from safety and then do the sorting?

3. For the Using recycled material mission, does the Robot need to pick up the bin from the mat and then place it on the wall for the other team to pick up or we will have an extra bin in safety to use?

4. If the other team has placed the bin for us to pick up in recycled material mission, is it ok if we don't pick it up or we have to pick up if they place the bin? What will happen if we don't pick up in case we have to pick up?

Project Judging and Core Values

1. If a team member is asked to answer a question and if they cannot answer, can another team member answer for them or the judges will move on to the next team member with a different question? Is there a penalty for not answering the question?


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