Dear Fellow Coaches,
First of all, I would like to apologize for talking about the next level of tournament when there are many teams who have not yet competed at the local level; however, our situation requires we gather information and make plans.

Background:  I am a volunteer at Walker-Jones Education Campus. The extraordinary news is our team won the Core Values Award and is advancing to Harrisburg on Dec. 5th & 6th.  The thought of such a thing NEVER entered our minds.  For the past three days reality has been sinking in and I have a couple of huge concerns: safety and funding.  I really don’t know who to turn to and then last night I thought of this group.  

The FIRST YPP states: 2 – 4 students in a room, same gender and no adults unless they are a parent.  This sounds good but not really in our reality.  I really can’t imagine three rooms of children in a hotel, two hours away from home, who have never spent a night in a hotel.  This doesn’t really seem safe.

Second problem ~ finance.  Our school does not really have money for such an expense for ten students.  We really do not have a PTO. We are reaching out to central office but that doesn’t seem to be working out and I can not imagine funding being able to work through the DCPS system in less than three weeks.

A little more background ~ we have some outstanding parents but traveling by car is not possible. Taking off work for three days to attend is probably not possible.  Chipping in even $50 is probably not possible.  They will all want to help but . . . the reality . . .

Traveling back and forth is not really possible with because of the schedule and distance.

This is a huge honor and opportunity and we want to go to Harrisburg but I need your advice & experience.  How do you handle the overnights and where do you get funding?  

Thank you!

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